Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
Product Inventory Management Services

Not just products... We are Inventory specialists too...

Bearing Traders Ltd are specialists in the supply of industrial components to all manner of industries throughout the UK.

The success that Bearing Traders Ltd has enjoyed stems directly from the fact that they are always able to respond quickly to the requests of their customers. The service element to that response culminates in Bearing Traders Ltd’s ability to deliver the required product to the customer during any of the 24 hours of each day including the weekends.

To be able to provide that kind of service, Bearing Traders Ltd’s customers have the faith that the products that they need will be in stock at one of Bearing Traders Ltd’s branches.

Bearing Traders Ltd are both product specialists AND inventory specialists.

In today’s climate, where every minute counts, Bearing Traders Ltd are supporting their clients in industry by providing their inventory expertise on-site and effectively managing the stock of agreed, specified parts.

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What people say about our VMI system

After intensive research into several Product Inventory Management services I decided to choose the one offered by Bearing Traders. I have not been disappointed.
Ivana Wong
I contacted the guys at BTL recently to make my product administration systems more efficient. My company is now more streamlined and I am very happy with the results of their work. Please use BTL. The services they offer are awesome and I wouldnt use anyone else!!!
Patrick Pool
Bearing Traders are first class. They always have the products my company requires and the quality is outstanding.
Alan Smith
High Wycombe
I have used Bearing Traders for years and they have always been very professional. The customer service is excellent. The products I have purchased have always been delivered when I request them.
Marta Healy
So what can we offer?
Vendor Managed Inventory(VMI)
  • One order number raised for the year, which means less paper work and administration costs at your end
  • No longer having to spend time sourcing the best price
  • No longer having to manage the stock (products supplied by Bearing Traders Ltd)
  • The maintenance team can spend more time on maintaining the plant instead of sourcing, procuring and managing stock
  • Bearing Traders Ltd can work as an extension of the maintenance team to ensure that the parts are always available which in turn will minimise any downtime experienced through lack of spare parts
  • Bearing Traders Ltd consign stock at customer’s premises thus enabling them to pay for the goods only as and when they are used
  • Reduction of delivery charges when the plant is broken down
  • Bearing Traders Ltd will (in time) understand the plant assets in a way which will enable them (Bearing Traders Ltd) to deliver added benefits and increase the mean between failure of the machinery and look at cost reduction initiatives.

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